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Boys and Girls Club Artist Volunteering

Open Opportunity


The Boys and Girls Club of Appleton could use and benefit from your artistic talents, skills, knowledge, ideas, passions, etc.! Keira Jett, the Fine Arts Coordinator, is open and encouraging of any LU student to visit Club to share their talents in whatever capacity they would like! 

Here are some ideas to get you thinking!
  • Present your instrument to the kids! Tell them about it, about you, about learning music, make your favorite sounds, teach them a song!
  • Draw with them! Show off your sketching skills and teach them certain drawing techniques. Create comic books! Make portraits!
  • Teach a dance! Choreograph something for them to learn, teach them iconic moves, get their bodies movig!
  • Acting! Help them write and perform monologues, play improv games, create skits, work on a play!
  • Write! Help them put their creative ideas into creative words. Make poetry together or individually. 
These are just a few of the MANY possibilities of what volunteering at Club could be (in the arts). If interested or want to share your ideas, contact Sam Taylor,, with ideas or for more information!

During the school year, Club is open weekdays from 4-7pm (8pm on the teen side). Programming generally runs from 4:45-6:45pm. Although timing is flexible, we would navigate your and Club's schedule together to find the ideal time for all parties. 
2 Positions Filled | 1 Impact | 1 Hours

A few people you will meet...

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Location: 160 S. Badger Avenue, Appleton, WI 54914