Shelter Client Asisstant at Adult and Family Shelter

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Shelter Client Assistants act as supplemental support to staff at Pillars Adult & Family Shelter. While Shelter Client Assistants are providing support throughout shelter for staff, and with clients, shelter staff can provide one-on-one support to clients and provide intake interviews for incoming individuals & families. 

Key Responsibilities:

·      Fill voucher request for clients by accessing donation storage throughout shelter

·      Provide donation intake assistance

·      Store donations in their proper storage areas

·      Date and rotate non-perishable food donations

·      Clean and prepare rooms as clients move in/out of shelter

·      Assist with new client intake interviews & tours (based on experience)

·      Provide administrative assistance (based on experience)

The daily schedule for Shelter Client Assistants is from 8am-8pm, with a 2-hour shift minimum.

After volunteering, Click the top right Add Impacts to record your volunteer hours. 

Training: Depending on your availability, you will shadow an existing volunteer or member on staff until you are comfortable volunteering in the role alone. 

Transportation: LU service shuttles are available for both individuals and student groups doing ff campus service. The shuttle runs every Sat and Sun from 9 am to 5 pm. To submit a service shuttle request click here You should fill out this form even if you are volunteering as an individual who needs transportation so the drivers know to pick you up. Please do so at least 7 days ahead to secure seating. 
Age Limit
18 and up
Background check, Training
Requirement Details
- Attend a Volunteer Orientation to become an official volunteer first. Click here to sign up for one
-Pass a background check (during the orientation, details about a background check can be clarified directly).
-training( can also be arranged at the orientation) 
-If it is your first time volunteering then please follow these steps. We want to make sure that you are well informed and prepared to volunteer. 
-Be able to lift 15lbs. 
-It is possible that you will be your feet for the entire shift doing different tasks. 
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