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Reaching Into Scholastic Excellence University Program (RiseUp) is a student-led volunteer organization dedicated to helping local first generation, low socioeconomic high school students from the Appleton community on their journey in applying and attending college. Its purpose is to provide the necessary academic and moral support for students who do not have the resources or encouragement to go to college, but have the desire and drive to. Its effort is to get rid of the socioeconomic barrier that segregates colleges and school systems everywhere. In addition, it will help lead to the success of first generation college students and provide more diversity in schools. By creating a relationship between college and high school students, both Lawrence University and the Appleton community will be able to make a small difference in the lives of those students who need it.

Meeting Information: Location: Appleton West High School; Day: Tuesdays or Wednesdays; Time: 5:15-6:50 p.m. Meet at Wriston; Frequency: Every week
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14 People | 109 Impacts | 243 Hours