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MLK, Jr. Day of Service 2019



MLK, Jr. Day of Service at Lawrence University is an annual event that invites the entire Lawrence community to continue honoring the ideas of Dr. King and the civil rights movements that continue to this day.  Students, staff and faculty will honor the continuance of the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr through learning, serving, and celebrating.

A variety of both on-campus and off-campus opportunities are available to engage in.  Each activity is a student led initiative that benefits the community and helps Lawrentians solidify the value of learning as you serve. Select from a number of options, any of which will benefit a variety of agencies in the Appleton area.

Register for all events by Thursday, January 17th.
Oxfam Hunger Banquet
10:30 AM - Noon, Warch Campus Center Esch-Hurvis Room

Join LU Food Recovery Network as they lead an interactive hands-on activity highlighting the issues and laws that keep people trapped in poverty. Guests will be assigned at random an income level and will be provided a meal based on available resources. Learn what hunger looks like at a global level and how to get involved in local hunger efforts.

Lunch will be provided. Register here.

Please note: This simulation does not represent a single country nor a single situation and will provide examples of experiences of a variety of countries and income-earners. While simulations are almost always flawed and can never fully represent reality, changes have been made to reduce those flaws and ensure an impactful learning experience. The ultimate goal is to increase participant awareness in an engaging way and to encourage all to get involved in addressing inequalities in access to resources. The intended audience is those who are interested in learning more about what leads to poverty and hunger at a global level.

Community Volunteering

1-5 Meet in Warch Campus Center Somerset Room

Join the Center for Community Engagement and Social Change as it travels to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Appleton and Menasha, Brewster Village elder facility, Feeding America, and Riverview gardens. Opportunities include: engaging youth in Menasha and Appleton in the history and values of Dr. Martin Luther King, creating six-word memoirs with community elders, sorting food donations to support many local shelters, and harvesting, weeding, preparing beds, and winterizing 20 hoop houses.

Register by clicking on each project listed above or by clicking on "events" above to see a listing of all "community volunteering" offerings. Registration deadline = Jan. 17.

Faculty Teach-in

Between 1pm-4pm in Residence Halls and Sankofa House


1. teach-in; an informal lecture and discussion or series of lectures on a subject of public interest.

Why should students care about complex community issues? Find out through faculty-led presentations around community issues that impact equality for all. Presentations will address access to education, diversity and inclusion, child advocacy, fair housing and hunger, and environment and sustainability. Student organizations will be available to share their mission and volunteer needs.

1-2 pm: Professor Stephanie Burdick-Shepherd, Systemic Inequities in Education and Literacy, Plantz Hall
2-3 pm: Professor Mark Jenike, Hunger and Health in a Wealthy Nation, Colman Hall
2-3 pm: Professor Lori Hilt, Community-Based Screening to Improve Youth Mental Health, Hiett Hall
3-4 pm: Professor Jason Brozek, The Global Climate Justice Movement, Sage Hall
3-4 pm: Professor Jesus Gregorio Smith, Systemic Racism and the Development of the White Racial Frame, Sankofa House

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 28th Celebration

6:30 – 7:45 pm, Lawrence Memorial Chapel

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., noted activist and advocate, will address this year's theme "Why Keep Dreaming? A Time for Action."
**Registration is NOT required for this event.

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