Outagamie County Shelter Care



In partnership with the community, the mission of the Division of Youth & Family Services of the Outagamie County Shelter Care is to promote a Juvenile Justice System that balances protection of the community with youth and family accountability, and competency development for youths to live responsibly and productively in the community. Based on individual needs, the division will create opportunities for youths to develop pro-social lifestyles and build successful relationships with their family and community. 

They are seeking volunteers to bring in pre-planned art activities for the youth and teens. They can range in focus or discipline, but ideally would be something hands-on and engaging. As with the activity, time is flexible. Weekends are ideal, given that some of their clients have school during the week, but there are some opportunities for the weekdays and nights. 

Share your talents and give these youth and teens something exciting and new, providing a space to create and explore. 

Contact Sam Taylor samuel.b.taylor@lawrence.edu with any questions or interest. 
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