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The Community Blood Center is about connecting lives and sharing life. As a local nonprofit organization, our patients and hospitals depend on us to provide a steady and reliable blood supply. And we rely on you – volunteer blood donors and blood drive sponsors—to provide the life-saving blood and blood products needed. We work together at the donor centers in Appleton, Oshkosh, Little Chute and Woodruff and through the more than 100 monthly mobile drives to collect more than 50,000 blood donations annually.

CBC takes these blood donations, including red blood cells, platelets and plasma, and processes them in our in-house laboratory. We hold ourselves, and each other, to the highest of standards and pride ourselves on safety and quality. These life-saving gifts are then distributed to the nearly 30 local hospitals of which we are the sole provider of blood and blood products. These hospitals are throughout Northeast and Northcentral Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

In addition to our commitment to the blood supply, we’re proud to provide the Be The Match Registry and facilitate bone marrow donations. These life-saving treatments are most patients’ only chance for a cure for a diagnosis like leukemia and lymphoma. Be The Match provides the largest and most diverse registry of potential marrow donors and cord blood units in the world.

Blood donation is that important. We need to ensure a steady blood supply will be available so we can respond to traumas and urgent needs as they arise. And we’re proud to say that no CBC-serviced hospital has had to cancel surgeries in the last 30 years because of the lack of blood.

We are committed to supporting our communities through collaboration and teamwork. We are all integral in ensuring local patients have access to the life-saving blood and blood products needed. It takes us all.

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