Child Advocacy VASE Program Spring 2021


Log any hours that you spend doing things related to this VASE program here! This includes the time that you spend preparing for meetings, filling out background checks, meeting with your buddy, emailing your buddy's family, and attending the meetings!

Weekly meeting topics:

Week 2: First meeting!

Week 3: Ethical volunteer training

Week 4: Anti-racism training

Week 5: Guest speaker

Week 6: Reflection

Week 7: All buddies meet together!

Week 8: Make a future action plan

Week 9: Celebration!

Outline for meetings with your buddy:

Week 3: Get to know each other, icebreakers

Week 4: Go through a list of games/activities together to see what they both would like, playing games

Week 5: Arts and crafts project

Week 6: Play games, talk about staying in touch with people virtually/with the pandemic

Week 7: Meeting with all of the buddies together, game night!

Week 8: Goodbyes, help them plan ways to connect with other people virtually

During the Child Advocacy VASE Program, you will learn and work alongside Lawrentians who are passionate about the wellbeing of children. This program is designed for students who are interested in working with children or who simply have kids in their life that they care about. We will meet weekly to discuss topics like child development, ethical volunteering, and how to get more involved with youth advocacy in the Appleton community.

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