Elder Rights and Care

Morgan Beaudoin
Nicholas Jatta

Gave 15.00 hours between 11/22/2020 and 01/04/2021 with Lawrence University, Athletics, Black Student Union (BSU), Arts Advocacy, Child Advocacy, Diversity and Cultural Support, Access to Education, Environment and Sustainability, Elder Rights and Care, Fair Housing, Health and Wellness, Lawrence University Community Council, Sigma Phi Epsilon
Raven Ganaway
Henry Roach

While I was generally inexperienced with giving manicures and painting nails, it was still an enjoyable experience with fun conversation. I'd be happy to try this again.

Gave 1.50 hours on 03/07/2020 with Lawrence Gaming Club, Lawrence University
Mikky Orange
Anayeli Herrera
Esther Mullen
Jiwoo Suk
Emily Sugiyama
Kayci King
Bruno Sotelo Ortiz
Lee Friedman